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Kimla Lowe: "where intention flows".

International Best-Selling Author, Metaphysical Counselor Master's Degree from The University of Sedona, Certified Astrologer - Western and Chinese, Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, YouTube Channel Radio Show Host, Light Resonance Healer, and Locator of Sacred Space. 

[email protected] 

Welcome! I have been waiting for you! 

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey I'm here to help and assist.

Sometimes we need to gain clarity and assistance to navigate the path we are living.

It helps to know which direction to focus our daily energy on and to create a healthy timeline to accomplish our goals.

Healing and dissolving trauma can ease the struggle by examining or removing these obstacles to see a brighter, lighter future ahead.

We all need an uplifting session to get back on track. Restoring faith, determination and love is just the beginning!

Astrology is the language of the Cosmos. Your Natal Astrology Chart is the imprint of your soul that contains the purpose of your Earth experience.

You have the 'Keys To Your Karma' just need someone to translate the code and support your mission.  

Want to feel happiness, joy, peace, and love as your soul grows and gains wisdom here?

Alignment, intention, and focus are building blocks for decision-making success that are highlighted during each and every session. 

Earth is a planet of free will and free choice. The choice is always yours! 

Looking forward to our time together ~ Kimla 

Booking Sessions: Look above and click Sessions and Products. Choose the package of your choice. You will receive an email or text for scheduling. 

****Season's Greetings! Gift Certificates for one-hour sessions are NOW ON SALE until Dec. 25, 2022. 

Great Stocking Stuffers!!! 

Give the gift that they cannot buy on a shelf! Click on Sessions and Products page. 

Sending you lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE.  Referrals are appreciated.

Join the show! 

27° SAG - The Galactic Center Show Wednesdays at 7 PM EST - LIVE - FREE Readings in the Chat Room! 

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27° SAG - The Galactic Center

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Want to plan your December Holidays with a little help from the stars? What's Up Astro? We'll be discussing all the cosmic happenings and how best to jingle your jangle in December!

Free Readings in the Chat Room. YouTube and Facebook LIVE.

Hosted by Kimla Lowe.