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Personal Astrology Forecast - One Hour Session


Astrology Reading 

This 60 min. session will be devoted to answering your questions regarding your astrological transit chart. What is happening in my chart now and the future? Why am I experiencing these challenges and how long will they last? Am I moving in the right direction? Will I be moving? Is this relationship worth the energy? How is my health? What path should I take for my career? And many many more....this session is strickly to update you and inform you of your surrounding cosmic weather. Create time lines and be aware of the opportunities coming to you. Please provide me with specific birth information ( day, month, year, time and location ) when requested on the form.  

What is your birth day, month, year, time and location?

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* Session, Services, and Readings by Kimla Lowe are non-refundable and may be rescheduled once. Kimla Lowe is not responsible for any and all results from any of the services she provides. Timelines, dates, names, and results may vary. You are responsible for any purchase required and acknowledge this as entertainment only. 

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