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Readings and Sessions

Gift Certificate - Great Holiday Gift


Give the perfect Gift this year - a Gift Certificate for any of these three sessions:

Astrology - The Gift of Clarity on decision making, the upcoming New Year, insight to timelines, projects, health concerns and moving.

Psychic Mediumship: Give the Gift of Peace as you connect with your loved ones and come away knowing you are not alone and that love never dies.

Feng Shui: Learn your personal best compass directions, begin with the Art of Placement, design, and directing CHI for best and higest good. Turn your home into a sacred space. You CAN design with Feng Shui today! 

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* Session, Services, and Readings by Kimla Lowe are non-refundable and may be rescheduled once. Kimla Lowe is not responsible for any and all results from any of the services she provides. Timelines, dates, names, and results may vary. You are responsible for any purchase required and acknowledge this as entertainment only. 

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