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Feng Shui Seminar Period Nine June 19, 2023


Calling all Designers, Realtors, Healers and Students of Feng Shui. 

This Online Zoom Seminar will introduce Period Nine and explain all of the new life changing directives that will be taking place Feb 4, 2024. This Li Fire Period Nine will last until 2044. All of the previous cures and powerful directions are new and very different from Earth Period Eight. Floorplans need to be enhanced and cured with different elements, placements and colors. Learn how you can take advantage of this knowledge. 

Join the cutting edge of Feng Shui and prepare for the next 20 years of your life. 

Must be in attendance to ask questions. Recordings will be on sale for 39.00 extra. 

You CAN Design with Feng Shui Today. 

Do you need a recording for extra #39.00?

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* Session, Services, and Readings by Kimla Lowe are non-refundable and may be rescheduled once. Kimla Lowe is not responsible for any and all results from any of the services she provides. Timelines, dates, names, and results may vary. You are responsible for any purchase required and acknowledge this as entertainment only. 

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